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Product: Yates C-99 Moulders - Collection & Parts

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The Yates American C-99 Moulder - the biggest American made moulder.
Only the Mattison 228 or Woods 134 would argue.

we have FOUR of the super rare 16" wide moulders.
and TWO of the 12" machines.

Specifications -
4 Heads - Top, Left, Right, Bottom.
All Electric, Direct drive, Ball Bearing Moulder
Belt driven Feed motor
1-13/16” diameter side spindles.
2-1/8” diameter top and bottom spindles.
Side spindles tilt 45º in and 15º out.
Feed speeds from 20 to 150 F.P.M.
8” diameter feedrolls -2 top, 2 bottom
Motor Horspower -
Top Spindle 15 - 20 HP 
Left Spindle 10 HP
Right Spindle 7-1/2 HP
Bottom Spindle 15 - 20 HP
Feed - 10 - 15 HP

At one time these machines were the pinnicle of moulder design...
They're push-feed machines, a design that's been superceded by through-feeds, I know.
These are the heaviest molders made and weigh in around 16,000 lbs.
They'll produce a great variety of work for years when properly operated and maintained.

We ran a 16" machine for 12 years in our reclaimed flooring mill.
You can see that machine in the SOLD section of this website.

The 16" wide machines were most often sold into Casket Factories.
They were used to run deep profile casket sides - in one wide piece.
That's a tall order for any modern machine, for sure.

We have three 16" machines in stock - in various stages of stripping for parts.
And two mostly complete 12" machines.

The two 12" machines could be parted out - 
The feed works, side heads, and most other parts are interchangable with the 16".
Only the horizontal heads, bed plates, and hold-down frames won't interchange.
Of the three 16" machines, two have good, rebuildable frames.
So, between the five machines, two 16" moulders could be completely rebuilt.

If anybody has actually read this far and is really interested in restoring a C-99,
I'll be amazed...but the 16" width makes these classic machines well worth rebuilding.

Or, if you need parts for your C-99...