Diehl 750 Ripsaws – Collection & Parts


Diehl 750 Straightline Ripsaws – the best ripsaws ever produced in the USA

Heavy Fabricated base
Cast Stock feed arms
Wide tables, Anti-kickback features
Heavy Arbor motors -10-20 HP typically
Under mount blade with two feed chains
Extremely accurate “glue joint quality” ripping possible
Originally – Drive is through Bull gear/pinion assembly
Originally – Feed speed of 20 – 100 FPM via 4 speed feed motor and drum controller
Today – Modern upgrades for these ripsaws provide VFD controlled feed speeds

We ran 2 rebuilt 750 ripsaws in our factory – they are great machines.
We have 10 of these machines in stock – in various states of condition.

One 750 is offered with new Chain & Race- rebuilt, with Glue Joint Accuracy.
Another 750 was rebuilt prior to our obtaining it – great machine.
The other machines are in rebuildable condition.

We have lots of new, used and rebuilt parts for both the 750 and the later SL-52.
We offer Chain & Race rebuilds to keep these saws running for many years.

A 55 – 68

Parts – A 647

Annie’s favorite woodworking machine…