Whitney S-480 Planer


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26? wide S-480 roughing planer.

The chip breaker assembly has more “yield” for ease of feeding irregular thickness lumber at faster feed-speeds.
It is a roughing planer only. These are designed for rough mill operation, not cabinet shops.
It will typically run a 30-40HP motor; this one has 30HP.
It is a four roll machine but has large diameter rolls and cutterhead.
This one is equipped with the “Newman Quiet Cut” helical cutterhead.
It has 6 rows of individual carbide bits in a helical pattern to reduce noise.
Bits are like new in this machine.

The S-480 is a lower production single side machine that Whitney designed originally to go behind a facer.
By “lower production”, I mean it has a maximum feed rate of 120 fpm, as compared to up to 300 fpm on newer models.
This is still a highly productive planer.
It is one of very few single roughing models Whitney ever built.

It was designed to set in line to receive lumber that had been bottom-surface “faced” on either a Whitney S-600 or, more typically, a Porter 715A.
Weight – 6100 lbs, floor space – 62?x68?